2020 Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

    produced by me and my team of eight
    tickets sold out in less than a day
    allowed every individual who auditioned to be a model, model
    sold entire merchandise stock in one night 
    featured three additional designers, two independent businesses, four photographers, and a dance troupe 

2018 fashion show, “That’s What She Said”

    created all garnments
    laser cut wording on clothing- asked the models, “what does modesty mean to you?”
    models sourced from vastly different cultural backgrounds
    produced in a masonic temple
    featured one additional designer

2021 Regent’s University Fashion Show

    the best marked students of the fashion show production class produced the University fashion show
    designed layout, coordinated runway, chose models, etc. before COVID prevented the show from happening
    took self portraits with all the handmade decor for the show instead



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